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Real Staging Suppliers

$1800 For 5 Rooms

Cost for average house per week

Professional Staging is often a great choice for longer term campaigns. While you already have the photos of your staged home your inspections may still show an empty home if your staging contract is over.  Virtual staging is going to give you the same result for a fraction of the cost.

Virtual Furniture

$350 For 5 Rooms

Cost for average house

Virtual Furniture has a catalogue of choice!

We have access to over a thousand different furnishings.  Imagine shopping for new furniture for as little as $70 a room. We can cater for all types of homes and styles.



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Day 2 Dusk

day2dusk-7 day2dusk-8


Never having to come back and prepare the property and not having to stay out late at night whilst giving your marketing another perspective of what the property would look like in the evening.

Day 2 Dusk is a great backup option

Day 2 Dusk is a very unique product, this can enhance any property and give you an additional facade shot for your marketing.

(best results in overcast or cloudy days)

virtual Home

We are great at what we do

virtual-12 virtual-13

We can dress up your boring block of dirt!
Developers always show artist impressions, could you imagine a new development or construction without images?

Ever wished you can market your land like the professional developers? Well with virtual homes we can give an indication of home size and location.  When you add our land media package it makes a great choice for property owners and developers alike.

iNVISAGE Media Virtual Magic

Land Media Packages, go well with Virtual Homes

virtual Cleaner

We have seen it all

  • Bad Weather

    1 in 10 Properties have weather issues, or bad storms. Did you know we can clean out leaves in a pool.

  • Missing Light

    1 in 3 Properties have a blown bulb or lamp, we can illuminate those pesky bulbs again!

  • Rubbish

    1 in 20 homes may have rubbish that simply can’t be moved in a hurry.

  • Patchy Paint

    1 in 10 properties may have patchy paint or it just hasn’t dried in time for the photo shoot. No need to postpone we have the perfect paint brush.

  • Trades People

    Occasionally we will have trades people working onsite and we have even removed them from the photo.

virtual-9 virtual-10

At iNVISAGE we see almost 1 in 5 properties with faults and failures, not all of these are planned and the home owner needs to be assured that in almost any situation we are able to digitally fix, repair, paint, replace a light and even take out the trash without delaying the listing. iNVISAGE takes great care in not falsely representing any aspect of the home so when using virtual magic we always take this in to consideration.  For example, fixing a hole in a wall that the owner will be repairing prior to the first inspection, or adding grass on the patch of dirt that is due to be turfed the following day.

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