Executive team

Jonathan Thomsen CEO

APP_Circle_White_SmJonathan believes that success begins with a dream, but knows that achieving that dream requires a strong commitment to constant professional and personal development. He combines business marketing qualifications and many years’ of experience as a company director across a range of industries with award-winning photography skills as an AIPP Accredited Professional Photographer. He also values work/life balance and is perhaps most proud of raising his two well-rounded, happy children.

Paul Cundell COO

Paul has built his business success on his entrepreneurial spirit and passion for sharing knowledge. He has been a self-made entrepreneur since he was 23, and grew three modest food service outlets into a multi-million-dollar business. He has also owned and operated successful IT and photography businesses, and co-founded a tech startup. He ranks his commitment to customer satisfaction as a key driver of his success, and values giving back to his community.

Jayden Paynter

Jayden Paynter

Chief Videographer/Photographer

Jayden is a born entrepreneur and founded his own photography company at the tender age of 14. As a student, he spent his school days topping film, new media, music and cinematography subjects, and his weekends shooting weddings, parties and events as he honed his craft and learned the skills needed to manage a burgeoning business. Jayden’s motivation and drive stems from his passion for what he does and believes that success is not the key to happiness, but that happiness is the key to success.

David Cundell

David Cundell

Media Sales Specialist

David is an experienced business growth specialist with a passion for customer service. He has held executive-level sales positions with large international companies, and driven the growth of several small businesses. He believes in putting customer needs before the sales pitch and has built his success on adding genuine value to customers as a trusted friend and partner. David’s greatest personal achievements are marrying his lifelong partner and raising their socially aware kids.


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