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Enhancing Imagery with Virtual Video

iNVISAGE Media have the tools and products that you need and all in one convenient place. iNVISAGE Media photographers shoot magazine quality images for all your photographic marketing packages. These quality images are the key ingredient to your “virtual video” marketing campaign as a cost-effective add-on to the basic photo shoot.

Bespoke Video

iNVISAGE Media understands what is needed for a feature production.  We understand what drives your need to excel by communicating that stunning project. Using “Bespoke Video” we can sit with you and work out your needs and goals.  With a full suite of equipment and services, we produce stunning videos using iNVISAGE Air, iNVISAGE Photography all blended with a cinematic experience

Custom Made Graphics

iNVISAGE Media understand that a complete virtual video is not complete without stunning agency special effects, so we create your agency intro for FREE.  We understand that your success is our success.

Features List

  • Branding

    Branded to your specific Agency

    Coloured Theme to match your agency

    Agency Branch

  • Design

    Customised Animation

    Music to suit the animation

    Agency Name Included

Cinematic Video

Seeing is believing, and so is cinematic video.

The advantages of cinematic video

Let’s have a look at where it can be used.

Full property shoot ,Commercial property , Property 30sec teaser, Agency profile, Agent and or team profile. Micro Advertising

Platinum cinematic is most useful for the custom projects where a full 2.5 minutes is needed. It allows the amount of time that presents well. iNVISAGE works closely with the client and  to present the project in the most effective way. The finished video is stored and provided for any video marketing.

Features List

  • On Site Production

    Professional Cinematographer

    Movie Specific DSLR

    Specalised Video Equipment

    72 Hour Turnaround

  • Post Production

    Colour Graded

    Elegant transitions

    Smooth Scenes

    Property Focused

    Huge Music Library

    Custom Music Option

  • Engagement

    Shoot Style to capture your Audience

    Property Focused Video

    Motion Sliding Effects

    Music is selected for the property and style of shoot

    Emotion is added to the lifestyle and property features

    Agency and agent contact information

Marketing Floor Plans get Attention

The iNVISAGE Media floor plans are in landscape orientation, which is extremely suitable for web applications such as


Important Property information so buyers don’t have to go look elsewhere


Agency branding, so potential buyers have all your information handy for making contact


Very simple and easy to read design.


Site plans that make sense, all the information needed about layout, and block size.

Our premium floor plan is not the usual converted builders plan. Our floor plans are measured on-site with laser measuring and turned into a very understandable drawing that is suitable for distance or interstate buyers. Additionally we have options to include the site plan and property manifest

Features List

  • On Site Measure

    Professional Staff

    Computer Measured

    CAD Design Tools

    24 Hour Turnaround

  • Property Information

    Block Size

    Internal Size

    External Size



    Car Accomodation

  • Branding

    Agent Details

    Agency Logo

  • Design

    Colour Coded Areas

    Correct Dimensions

    Accurate Wet Area Icons

    Boundary Markings

    Floor Surfaces

    Entry Points

    Access Points

Virtual Magic

Presents Virtual Furniture, a cost effective to present and display a space.

Real Staging Suppliers

$1800 For 5 Rooms

Cost for average house per week

Professional Staging is often a great choice for longer term campaigns. While you already have the photos of your staged home your inspections may still show an empty home if your staging contract is over.  Virtual staging is going to give you the same result for a fraction of the cost.

Virtual Furniture

$350 For 5 Rooms

Cost for average house

Virtual Furniture has a catalogue of choice!

We have access to over a thousand different furnishings.  Imagine shopping for new furniture for as little as $70 a room. We can cater for all types of homes and styles.



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